The Opportunity

ESCO Pacific provides Landowners with a significant value proposition that enables long-term diversification and de-risking of revenue streams that would otherwise be unattainable while holding land as a long term investment.

ESCO Pacific can help unlock hidden value in lower grade agricultural land and generally under utilised land.

Value is received via attractive lease rental payments generated from the long term leasing of land for the sole purposes of a ground mounted utility scale solar farm development.

Land Requirements

ESCO Pacific assesses each potential site on its own merits but we consider the following suitability criteria as ideal for our requirements:

  • Area ideally over 100 hectares (or circa 250 Acres)
  • Flat land is desirable
  • Land within close proximity to a grid substation or high voltage line
  • Land relatively free from environmental constraints

The Process

ESCO Pacific will initially perform a detailed but rapid desk based feasibility on the land, checking for any development constraints and for proximity to a grid connection point.

Following desk based feasibility a site inspection would be required including meeting with the Landowner(s) and discussing the next phase of moving the development forward.


If progressing a solar farm development on your land is of interest than please get in touch or complete the form below.

Landowner Contact Form

Land Suitability Criteria

  1. Is the land near a substation or high voltage line? YesNo
  2. Do you have at least 100 ha (or 250 acres) of land? YesNo
  3. Is the land relatively flat i.e. less than a 5-degree pitch? YesNo
  4. Do you own the land? YesNo
  5. Is the land free from buildings and obstructions? YesNo
  6. Is the land subject to existing utility easements? YesNo
  7. Does the land have direct access to a public road? YesNo
  8. Is the land near a residential area? YesNo