Our Team

Darryl Flukes /

Darryl Flukes


Darryl is an expert across the energy supply chain in executive, board and advisory roles, with a strong focus on renewables, wholesale markets and risk management. Previously as CEO of Infratil Energy Au, he was instrumental in developing generation assets and the sustainable growth of its energy retailer Lumo Energy.

Steven Rademaker 01 /

Steve Rademaker

Managing Director & Founder

Steve leads the ESCO Pacific Team across the full development lifecycle, utilising his wealth of solar development experience to help deliver projects to market and to further ensure ESCO Pacific maintains a leading position in the Australian market.

Cassidy Prent /

Cassidy Prent

General Counsel

Cassidy has a lead role in the financing and development of ESCO Pacific's projects and offtake opportunities from inception through to financial close. She specialises in the project financing of large scale energy and infrastructure projects with over 10 years’ experience in Australia and internationally.

Ravi Singh /

Ravi Singh

Chief Technical Officer

Ravi is responsible for all technical aspects of the business including design, technology selection, grid connections, Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC) and Operation and Maintenance (O&M). His focus is improving efficiency of grid connections and improving EPC/O&M costs while ensuring high quality projects.

Rhiannon Olle /

Rhiannon Olle

Head of Development

Rhiannon leads the Development team and is a renewable energy expert with over 9 years’ experience. Her expertise is across the entire development life cycle including site finding, due diligence, land tenure negotiations, environmental assessments, stakeholder engagement, planning and regulatory approvals.

Rimma Mitelman /

Rimma Mitelman

Head of Asset Management

Rimma has over 12 years’ experience in the energy markets both in Australia and overseas. Rimma has been instrumental in setting up the Asset Management platform and currently manages 550MW of assets covering the full spectrum of services on behalf of the owners including strategic, commercial, regulatory and operational.

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Mark Shilliday

Head of Strategic Projects

Mark is responsible for strategically evaluating network and battery optimisation opportunities within ESCO Pacific’s pipeline while identifying new opportunities for growth. Mark comes with a wealth of experience with over 30 years in the Electrical Utility industry most recently having lead AEMOs National connections team

Michael Sun /

Michael Sun

Project Manager

Michael is an experienced industrial electrical and power engineer. Michael has delivered over 200 MWp of utility scale solar projects and a 25 MW / 50 MWh utility scale battery storage system. His experience covers entire project life cycle from conceptual studies through to project execution and final commissioning.

Kate Osaze /

Kate Osaze

Grid Connections Manager

Kate is a Power System Engineer and Lawyer with extensive experience in the renewable energy sector. She leads the grid connections and contract negotiations of several high value connection projects with specific expertise in the technical requirements for connections of utility scale solar projects to the national grid.

Mervin Kall /

Mervin Kall

Lead Engineer – Grid Connections

Mervin is an Electrical Engineer with experience in power system modelling and grid connection of utility-scale renewables in Australia. Complementing his Electrical Engineering skills, he has acquired a second Master’s degree in Economics and Mechanical Engineering and has held management responsibility in previous roles.

Charley Attwood /

Charley Attwood

Project Manager

Charley is an experienced Contract Manager with expertise in client and contractor facing roles, project management and utility scale solar installations. He is responsible for coordinating and communicating the requirements of project contracts and supplier and subcontractor agreements.

Eunice Park /

Eunice Park

Senior Financial Accountant

Eunice has over 10 years’ experience in financial and management accounting across various commercial industries. As part of the asset management team she focuses on improving financial and management reporting to deliver high quality information to project owners. Eunice is a CPA qualified accountant.

Stephen Challis /

Stephen Challis

Senior Asset Manager

Stephen is a senior asset manager with extensive experience in the Australian renewable energy sector. He is responsible for delivering technical and commercial asset management services to optimise the performance of renewable generators under ESCO Pacific’s management. Stephen holds a Master of Engineering, Energy Systems

Maria Kendall /

Maria Kendall

Asset Manager

Maria is an administrative professional with over 12 years’ experience across a broad range of industries. Maria provides administrative and executive support to the managing director, project managers, legal and asset management teams.

Grant Dickins /

Grant Dickins

GIS Manager

Grant is a geospatial professional with 17 years’ experience in extractive and energy infrastructure industries. Grant’s expertise includes spatial analysis, modelling, data management and constraints mapping for site and impact assessment. Grant has a BSc in Geomatics and has managed projects across Australia and globally.

Dinesh Reddy /

Dinesh Reddy

Asset Manager

Dinesh is an Electrical Engineer with a rich experience in Asset Management and O&M of power generation assets in particular for large utility scale solar farms. He holds Master’s degree in Electrical Power Systems.

Jaime Dragovic /

Jaime Dragovic

Administration Officer

Jaime has come to ESCO Pacific with a background in Business Administration and Marketing Support. Jaime provides Administration support to the Executives and Development team as well as overseeing and running the day-to-day requirements of the office.

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Dao Vu

Power System Engineer

Dao is a Power System Engineer with demonstrated experience in power system modelling, GPS studies and hold point testing processes. Being with Grid team, his focus is to provide supports in grid connection processes of utility-scale renewable projects.

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Mani Aulakh

Junior Grid Engineer

After completing his Master of Engineering (Electrical and Electronics) at RMIT, Mani began working in Manufacturing and Power Systems. Mani now has experience with modelling, grid connection studies, level 3overhead, underground distribution designs and earth designs.